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Summer (April–September)
Wednesday–Friday, 9:00 till 18:00
Saturday–Sunday, 9:30 till 18:00

Winter (October–March)
Wednesday–Sunday, 9:00 till 16:30


Monday–Friday, 8:30 to 17:00

Ticket sale

Up to 30 min. before the end of business hours


Children (up to 7 yrs old) – free
School pupils, students – BGN 2
Open Air exhibition – BGN 4
Combo Open Air and Indoor exhibition – BGN 8
Family – BGN 12

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Address: Bulgaria, 4112 Krumovo, Plovdiv region
Tel: +359 32/63 66 77

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Aviation engines

The collection contains 33 aviation engines; more of them have cuts and are exhibited on special launchers. Visitors have the opportunity to get familiar with their pattern and principle of action as well as with a lot of technical implementations used in construction of the aviation engines. The museum possesses aviation piston engines used in propeller aviation and also reactive engines, being in use in the reactive aviation

The propeller aviation piston engines are represented by star-shaped and in-line engines with air and water cooling, among which is displayed also the star-shaped seven cylinder “Gnom” engine, installed on the aircraft of Georgi Bojinov. Of great interest are the cuts of the star-shaped piston engine ASH-62. There are in the collection propeller aviation piston in-line engines “Valter-Minior” and M-11 FR of the aircrafts Laz-7 and Laz-7M. Deserve attention the engines ASH-38 and VK-105 used on planes IL-2, Yak-9, AI-14 etc.

The collection of reactive aviation engines includes a cut of the turbo reactive engine M-701S, being used for training pilots and aviation engineers in the Air Force School in Dolna Mitropolia; a cut of turbo propeller engine TV2-117 A, being used in helicopters Mi-8 and a cut of GTD-350 of helicopter Mi-2. Visitors can see different types of engines of the modern reactive planes RD-9B, RD-45, VK-1A, R-13-F300, R29B-300, AL-12F4A and others, designed by the famous soviet constructors Klimov, Gurevich, Tumanski, Lyulka and others.