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Summer (April–September)
Wednesday–Friday, 9:00 till 18:00
Saturday–Sunday, 9:30 till 18:00

Winter (October–March)
Wednesday–Sunday, 9:00 till 16:30


Monday–Friday, 8:30 to 17:00

Ticket sale

Up to 30 min. before the end of business hours


Children (up to 7 yrs old) – free
School pupils, students – BGN 2
Open Air exhibition – BGN 4
Combo Open Air and Indoor exhibition – BGN 8
Family – BGN 12

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Address: Bulgaria, 4112 Krumovo, Plovdiv region
Tel: +359 32/63 66 77

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History of the museum

An idea that lived for 73 years

The idea of the establishment of an aviation museum arose in 1919, in order to be preserved for history some of the first aircrafts of Bulgaria. But the conclusion of the Peace Treaty of Neuilly made it unrealizable. In 1931 a decision was made for establishment of a museum collection at Bojurishte Airfield. It was open in 1934 and existed until the beginning of the World War 2.
In 1972 the initiative was taken in founding of an aviation museum, but at that time it was hardly practicable. Great part of the aircrafts in the Aviation School in Dolna Mitropolia having survived after the W W 2 had already been destroyed and an order was given the hangars taken up by them to be released.

On 21st September 1991 with the efforts of a great deal of enthusiasts, with the immediate participation of the personnel of 25th air regiment in Cheshnegirovo, 44th air regiment in Krumovo, 19th air regiment in Graf Ignatievo, 22nd air regiment in Bezmer, the team of the National Museum of Military History – Sofia and some other individuals and organizations, The Aviation Museum in Krumovo was open. Since 2005 it became a branch of the National Museum of Military History –Sofia.

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Aviation Museum „Krumovo“


Bulgaria, 4112 Krumovo,
Plovdiv Region


Radka Banyalieva

Working hours

Wednesday – Sunday
09.00 – 17.00 (Apr – Oct)
09.00 – 16.00 (Nov – Mar)

Ticket sale ends 40 minutes before closing time

Mon – Fri: 8.30 – 16.30